Resolution Run 5K

Last week Matt and I decided to do this run on New Year's Eve, when we registered the forecast was 20 degrees. Well that ended up being wrong, I think this was the coldest run I have ever done. The temp was 5 degrees at the most and it was windy. On Monday, we picked up our packets and great running jackets that we got for registering, it was a little tempting to not go, but we decided it would only make a tougher to do it.

The run started at 5pm, so we met at the running store and walked the 1/4 mile to the race start. It was a 3 loop course on a path that was thought to be about 1 mile. The race started and I was off. I was the first woman and only had a couple men ahead of me. I was doing fine until I hit an icy patch and landed hard on my butt towards the end of the first loop, as I fell a guy hurdle me to avoid falling too. I was passed by another woman as I tried to get up. Each lap got progressively slower as I wanted to avoid another fall. By the 3rd and final lap I was caught by Matt and we ended up finishing together. I think we ran about 3.5 miles and our time was just under 26 minutes.

We then walked the 1/4 mile back to the store to warm up with hot chocolate. My eyelashes were covered with icicles and my butt was numb from the fall. We had a couple cups of hot chocolate and warmed up. We finished the night by picking up Thai for dinner and relaxing at home. This will be a New Year's Eve that we won't forget. Not sure I would ever run again in weather this cold.

The next day I ran an easy 5.25 miles with Matt to loosen up my muscles from the fall. Two days later I am finally pain free.


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