Tough run

Yesterday I think I had the toughest run I have ever had. I worked during the day and was looking forward to a nice run with Matt after work. My car said it was 27*, so I thought it would be perfect. The problem was the snow and wind that were here on Saturday. The entire run was snow covered and a lot of the paths were covered by knee high snow drifts. We actually changed our planned route a few times in attempts to find better conditions, but things only got worse. We started with just a light breeze and by the end it was gusting, not to mention the long hill we encountered with about 2 miles to go.
We manged to run 10 miles, which felt like much more, at a slow pace of around 10 min miles. The slowest run I have done in many years. I'm glad I stuck it out and didn't give in to my urge to hop on the park shuttle to warm up and cut off a mile or so.
These are the runs that make me wonder why I live here.


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