16 Weeks (a little late)

Week 16 turned out to be a crazy one...
On Saturday I planned to run 10-12 miles, but cut it short a little before 9 due to the storms. The downpours started around mile 3 and then the lightening around mile 8.
That afternoon we got an unexpected look at the little parasite after a minor car accident on the way to a wedding led to abdominal/pelvic pain. We spent 3 hours in the ED finding out that we have an active kid already, it was flipping, waving and kicking. The craziness of the day made us get to the reception right after dinner, just in time for Matt to help finish off the dinner wine.Luckily they had bulk, bag your own candy for favors so at least I was able to eat on the way to stopping for pizza on the way home. I learned that the kid loves candy and sure got active after that.

The belly has popped more this week and is even starting to show from he front. Morgan wanted to be a part of these.


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