Back to running (and updates)

After nearly 2 weeks of traveling and the exhaustion that followed life is finally back to normal or at least as close as it gets. This all started with 5 days in Northern California, home for 5 days and then 5 days in Gulf Coast Alabama for grad school. Running in the Alabama heat and humidity was nearly nonexistent and treadmill running in the summer is just not that enjoyable. In the past I loved the heat and humidity, but pregnancy changed that. I was always the crazy one out there running in 90+ and enjoying it, now I don't dare venture out for a run in anything over mid 80 if I expect my body to cooperate.

I am loving the cool Minnesota summer and it has been so nice to be back to mid/upper 70s this past week. Running has been good and I have finally recovered from the exhaustion of 2 weeks of travel after a few afternoon naps.

More Belly Pics, I'll start to post these weekly as they happen and not in big groups now that I have more time...

13 Weeks in a bikini (California)

14 Weeks (Matt insists I'm sucking the belly in)

15 weeks and home from traveling


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