Short lived injury

I hope I'm not going to piss off the running gods by speaking too soon. Earlier this week I thought I was going to be done running at 18 weeks. An old injury had resurfaced quickly and at low mileage. I was once again having issues with my piriformis and SI joint, I know SI stuff can be common during pregnancy so I wasn't happy about this. 2 runs cut short and 2 skipped all together along with some cross training and stretching and I seem to have put an end to this. I managed a pain free 8.5 miles this morning, felt so good I wanted to go more but decided not to push anything.
I also learned today the pain of chaffing under a sports bra. I've never had this issue before, especially on such a short run. The joys of actually having a chest for a change, I've told Matt many times in the past few months that I will never again complain about the small, non-existent chest I normally have. This is one of the essential components to being a comfortable runner and I am now very happy about it.

Belly Pics at 18 weeks 3 days...

Morgan wanted to say "Hi" to the baby.


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