Friday, September 4, 2009

20 weeks

2 days ago I hit the 20 week mark, some how this seems like a big pregnancy milestone. In a way it is, I am now halfway done at least, although I wouldn't complain about a 38, 39 week birth- sorry Kristy and Tammy I know you girls I hoping I go 41, 42 weeks. I'm finally looking pregnant and no longer that questionable fat or pregnant stage and I feel great!

I did find it funny that last week I was asked how long I could continue to run during my pregnancy, the question was answered by another person who replied "You have to stop running at 6 months!" No way, that's only 1 more month and for every one's sanity that's not happening. I did get some strange looks when I said I'd be running until the end and a lot of "just await and see, you'll stop soon."

19 week pics (with Morgan)

20 weeks (and again Morgan)

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  1. One of my stepdad's relatives ran throughout her entire pregnancy so it can be done!