22 weeks

What a difference a week makes! In the past week I have given up on the belly ring since I felt that it would rip out at any minute, I no longer have a waist and I now get daily comments about being pregnant since it is very obvious at this point. I am also now almost constantly feeling how active my little girl is and can even see her movements outside my abdomen, this is such a reassuring feeling and I love it!

I am continuing to run and actually felt pretty good last week, to the point that before I realized it I had run 6 days in a row. Ever since my year of injuries I have limited myself to 3 days and then a cross-training day. I am even running doubles 1 or 2 days a week, nothing like my old doubles, but an easy 3 miles with Morgan in the morning and then another 6 miles in the evening.

My biggest complaint is the weather. I normally love the hot summer and running in the heat, but this year I have been so happy for our cooler summer and lack of humidity. Summer returned this week with temps in the mid 80s making running much tougher again. Come on Fall weather, right now I'd be very happy with highs of 70!

22 week pics, a big change in the last week
My waist is officially gone!


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