Pregnancy is like running a marathon

As I was out running this morning I started thinking about how much being pregnant is like running a marathon. I love to let my mind wander on runs and often do some of my best thinking, although I should have been using this time to figure out a thesis topic or what to make for dinner instead.

Both start off with a bang and you get caught up in the emotions; everything from excitement to nerves to thoughts of "am I really ready?" You try to hold back and not get caught up in everything, take it easy and just enjoy what is happening. You soon realize that you have little control over what is going to happen, no matter how well you prepared, what you ate, how well you slept, your body may have different ideas for the day.

Both involved unsolicited advice and comments. Some actually pretty helpful especially when this is all new. There are always things I never want to hear, like during a marathon I don't want to hear that I "look great" when I feel like I'm about to die and know that I probably look this way too, also don't tell me the finish line is "just around the corner" when I'm at mile 10. As for my pregnancy, unless you are my ob I don't want to hear that I shouldn't drink caffeine or run and that I need to start eating meat.

I am now at the part of my pregnancy that I can compare to reaching the half marathon mark and a little beyond. The initial excitement and nerves have faded and given way to new emotions and the new feelings of realizing that you are about to take that next step. Things have gotten pretty comfortable at this point and you keep moving forward just enjoying things as they go by. There are moments of excitement during the mid point, such as finding out the gender, feeling the movement and seeing friends and family along the course. This is the point where I can typically say I love running marathons and right now I can honestly say I love being pregnant.

The next step comes when the finish line is within reach, but still not there. You know the key is just putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to move forward no matter how uncomfortable you are or how much you think about quiting.


  1. Well said! My obstetrician compared labor to running a marathon, and I told him labor was harder! But you are so right in that the process is fraught with well-meaning unsolicited advice. That was my least favorite part about pregnancy. But you DO look great!

    Think about how much faster you'll be after 9 months of running at a much higher weight - it really does make a difference after you have the baby...

  2. Thanks, I am hoping to BQ next year and hope that continuing to run and my new attitude towards racing will help.


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