8 months

I cannot believe my baby is 8 months old already. This past month she went on her second trip, spending a week in Alabama, started talking much more and waving good bye. She is turning into quite the climber and is always looking for new things/places/people to explore. She also discover peek-a-boo and will play and giggle for the longest time. After this last trip she got her first real illness, just a cold, but still along with teething was tough on her, Matt and I. This cold was then passed on to me and I am just hoping it is gone before TCM.

At the age of 8 months, she is now the owner of her own US passport, wow I didn’t get my fist one until I was 25. After an entire Winter in the cold weather I will be back to my routine of leaving the country for a warm weather break. Her measurements (inaccurate) 16 lbs and 28”. It seems odd to not be going back to the pediatrician this month, no more every two month appointments.


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