So close

Any runner knows the truth behind taper madness, putting yourself in situations of stress and annoying people during this time is not the best idea. In the past 24 hours I have been on the verge of screaming multiple times and this is only likely to get worse until I am home on Friday. My grad program requires a once a year on campus week, so here I am sitting in an auditorium full of fellow grad students who like to hear themselves talk.
In attempts to make the week a little easier my mom and Ophelia are traveling with me to decrease the pumping and transporting of a gallon of milk on the flights home. Luckily for me Ophelia flies well until you experience delays leading to a late bedtime. Yesterday’s layover that should have been 1 hour, plenty of time to grab a quick meal and continue on turned into a much longer time and a crabby mom and baby. We arrived late, had car seat issues and Ophelia was up until 11pm, the only good from this was she slept through the night for the first time on weeks. Look at the positive, right?!

What else is about to push me over the edge, I could go on and on:
-Lack of vegetarian options at the airport, just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I want a bowl of ice berg lettuce!
-People who don’t know how to travel and think everyone needs to cater to them.
-Very uncomfortable hotel beds and lack of sleep and then mini cups for coffee and lack of caffeine. I think I have solved this by purchasing a refillable mug from the campus coffee shop.
-People who continue to ask stupid questions that have already been answered.
-Being told there really isn’t time for a break or a place for me to pump. Okay, I have no problem pulling things out in the middle of the auditorium, but I thought it was a law to provide this to nursing mothers.
-Sitting through a lecture on how to use online searches, I am in my 2nd year of my 2nd grad program and heard this lecture last year. How do people survive undergrad and professional life without knowing how to search?
-Being stuck sitting all day and in a room where I have been told no food is allowed.
-This weather, I just left 60s and comfortable running conditions and here I am back in 90s and humidity.

I’ll stop now, but who knows how long this list will get by the end of the week, I need to go for a run and have a drink! Here's to hoping for a week from of screaming.


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