We survived

A week in 90+ weather and sitting through disorganization all day, I survived without too much complaining and only a few glassess of wine. Too much of my time was spend sitting and consuming coffee to stay awake, but I have to say I did benefit from at least one of the days. Suturing of pigs feet, I&D of chicken thighs, and gross anatomy lab. It's been years since spending any time in an anatomy lab and the smell brought me right back to my undergrad days almost 15 years ago. On the positive side, you actually get spice to your food when you order it that way, none of this midwestern idea of spice.

Ophelia on the other hand had a blast, playing in the pool, at the park, and at story time. Everyone at the hotel had to go out of their way to say hi to my little girl, she loved all the attention. And she chose this week to start really talking, I heard my first "mama". It must be a Southern thing, maybe someone can explain it, but she was called a "dandelion girl", I had never heard this before.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog within the last few weeks. I am pregnant with my second, due in Feb 2011. So a year behind you. It's been great to read about your running (through and post pregnancy). Especially because we had babies the same time of year.

    Your daughter is cute!


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