3rd time's a charm, revenge at TCM!

The past couple months I have had a few great races and have realized that my body might actually prefer the lower mileage I am sitting at. These races increased my confidence in running TCM, but I was still unsure of what was going to happen since training hadn't been the greatest and I'd been having tight hamstrings all week. I have run two previous TCMs, both with bad endings and was out for revenge or I decided I was done with the course.

Saturday, Ophelia did her first race, she participated in the diaper dash with TCM. Her version of the race consisted of picking and eating grass and playing with the little boy next to her, no "dashing" was involved. She got a cute little onsie and medal for the race and we got some cute pictures, well worth it for the cost of $7.
Sunday morning Ophelia once again cooperated with my plans and woke up right before my alarm and I was able to feed her with being rushed and needing to wake up a sleeping baby, I think she is figuring out the importance of race morning. We were at the start with plenty of time to hit the indoor bathrooms and then head out to the start. I had not gotten a corral 1 start since I ran my qualifying half too late. I encountered a huge crowd at the start and after unsuccessful attempts to get to the 3:40 pacer I accepted the fact that I was stuck by the 5:00 group until my new hero showed up, a well build man asked if I needed to get up further, he said he was a cop and knew how to get through crowds. He had three of us following and we were able to get up to the 4:00 mark when the gun went off. I hadn't remembered this race being this crowded in the past, I started and did my best to get through the crowds without the extra effort and make it closer to my mark.

By Mile 2 I had caught the first 3:40 group (there was one in each corral), this was also when I learned that PowerAde doesn't feel good when it gets in your eye. Running with full cups of PowerAde wasn't good. I was soon up to and past the other 3:40 pacer, nice. Mile 6 I am by the lakes and passing my parents, Ophelia, and some friends. The hamstrings are feeling a little tight, but I'm doing okay, "just keep going like this" I tell myself. Around the half point I have the 3:30 pacer in my sight. I see my split (1:41:30) and realize I probably went out too fast, but unfortunately that's not new . Now the hamstrings are less happy and I can feel myself starting to slow, all of a sudden I hear my name and see a friend and here comes the next burst of energy. That carried me for the next few miles as I closed in on the 3:30 pacer, I told myself that if I did catch him I was not allowed to pass, just run smart.

Before I know I am in St. Paul and have made it through the part of the course I hate. I have made it to Mile 20 with a good split (2:36:24) and I am attempting to do the math, but just knowing I have > 1 hour to still finish under my goal. I had somehow forgotten about this awful hill around Mile 22, my hamstrings are now pissed and I am slowing down. The 3:30 pacer is getting further ahead. "Just keep moving" I'm and get your a** to Summit, then you can walk. I get to Summit and the crowds are wonderful so I keep running. Mile 23 my back has now tighten up, not fun, now I'm saying "the faster you move the sooner you can sit down." I see a few more friends along the road and get that extra push. I look at my watch at Mile 24 and realize that I am going to do this, so I keep running. Mile 25, oh my gosh take advantage of the down hill and go. I see the finish line and realize this is for real, I wasn’t really excited or emotional when I finished my first marathon like many of people, but this time was different. At about the 26 mile mark there is a huge American flag that hangs over the course and I am running next to a guy who thought that was the finish, he pushed and then got there and started swearing when he realized he still has more to go.

The important part, I did it I crossed the finish line in: 3:31:44 (8:05 pace) BQ and a 12 min PR. When I started running I never thought Boston was even anything I could even hope for, but then I "learned" how to train and it got closer, but I still always figured I would just sneak in right at the 3:40 mark.

I collect my shirt, medal and food and head out realizing that Matt and I have a great plan to meet when he is finished, but I never figured out how/where to meet my parents and Ophelia when I finished. Luckily it all worked out, they found me and I found my spot to sit down and stretch my back and change clothes (yes, I was the one changing wrapped in the mylar blanket ) to wait for Matt. He had not trained well and decided to run for fun, stopping to have beer, champagne, and even hold Ophelia and finished in 4:56.


  1. AWESOME!!! way to go, that is an impressive race result, well fought...

  2. Not sure if I've ever commented on your blog or not (forgive me if I have already wrote this). Found your blog through the running through pregnancy blog world. I am a year behind you...so it's been interesting to read how you bounced back after having a baby. (I'm due in Feb).

    CONGRATS ON BOSTON!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! I hope to qualify for Boston some day! What an amazing time post baby!!!! :)

    I'm running the Chicago Marathon at 22weeks pregnant Sunday...not sure how that's going to go!


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