Sleep, what's that?

I thought sleep got better as babies got older, not with mine! After the difficulties we had the first 6 weeks she started sleeping great, up maybe once a night and then slept through the night at about 3 months. Then it was only naps that were an issue, but within another month or so those worked out too. AT least in the first few months everything is a haze and your body has adjusted to the wake ups, but now my body has adjusted back to sleeping.

Not sure what the deal is now, for the past 3 weeks Sleep has not been good in our house and my coffee habit that I had gotten down to 2 cups a day during pregnancy has doubled. Ophelia has had cycles of nighttime wake ups that are easily remedied by a nighttime feeding and she’s quickly back to sleep. These usually last for a couple days and could be explained by a growth spurt, developmental milestone, teething, or illness, but this bad sleep cycle is going on 3 weeks. At first I thought growth spurt or she wasn’t eating enough before better, but that doesn’t seem to be it, then maybe teething since she is drooling terribly, but no doesn’t seem to be that either, now she has a cold so that could be it, but she wasn’t sick when this started. She is working on standing alone and taking some steps, so maybe that’s it, but then hurry up so we can sleep!

Monday night was the first night she slept all night, but this came with a price, no nap all day! I had a 9 month old on my hands who had been awake over 12 hours before she decided to crash. This wasn’t the first day she decided napping wasn’t fun, she has gone from 2 hour naps twice a day to maybe 2 hours total if I’m lucky. Last night we were back to waking up and this time it lasted for about 2 hours. We have been trying to avoid the nighttime feeding to get her out of the habit so Matt will go in first once it is obvious she isn’t going to get herself back to sleep and then once that doesn’t work it’s my turn, I feed her and then we all sleep, not last night. She fell asleep after a quick snack but was soon back awake for another hour. Come on baby, mommy and daddy need some sleep.


  1. Ugh! It's so rough when they aren't sleeping!

    I found the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" helpful. Obviously every child is different...but i remember it helping get my son on a 12hr sleep schedule. (Bed at 7pm up at 7am) and a nap.

    Also, I read your blog...I have SPD- ugh so painful!! How did you run through it?!

  2. Thanks, I'll have to check out that book.

    I decreased my running quite a bit when I had SPD, it was too painful! I did a lot of elliptical instead and ran when it didn't hurt (a few days a week), but had to quit running at 34 weeks due to the pain and instability.


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