9 months

Somehow this feels like a huge milestone for age, maybe it's because Ophelia has now been alive in the outside world as long as she was growing inside. She continues to develop her own inquisitive, adventurous, sassy, personality. Her favorite activities are climbing stairs, emptying out the cupboards, and throwing the dog bowls. Yep, none of these are activities aimed at 9 month olds, but she has much less interest in her toys then these activities. The last few weeks she has been eating better, much of this is us being more adventurous with foods, she loves pasta in any form. I think the thing is she just wants food with flavor, none of this boring baby food stuff. I don't blame her! She now waves good bye and has been working so hard on standing alone, soon she'll have it. And she's talking a lot more, repeating what we say and saying "dada", "bye", "pupu" (puppy). She is still taking after me and remains tall and thin 16lb 4oz (5-10%) and 27.5" (50%) although I think she is actually 28" since her head was tipped.


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