Let's talk food

Baby food that is. I thought we had been pretty open and adventurous in feeding Ophelia, but lately I am starting to wonder if we have progressed enough. Last weekend we were together for a family event and my cousin's 11 month daughter was eating potato chips, probably not the best example but we are no where near the potato chip phase. Then I was talking to someone at work yesterday who's daughter is 2 weeks older and learned she has been eating pancakes and sausage the previous night at dinner. I have been making most of my own baby food and Ophelia's diet is mainly fruits, veggies, yogurt, and cereals. Although we have done bites crackers. She gets to taste anything that seems appropriate and has had Indian food, ice cream, beans and fish.

I know there are no hard rules to feeding a baby, but I am just wondering what other moms are/were feeding their 9 month olds. The pediatrician did say that by 9 months she should be eating 3 meals and pretty much what we're having. The first time we really did this was last night when she got diced up avocado and cheese, I suppose I could have added in bits of veggie burger too (or Matt's turkey burger).


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