11 months

What a great toy!
 11 months already, guess it's time to start planning the 1st birthday party. A lot has changed over the past month. A few weeks ago Ophelia started walking and is now more mobile then ever! She also has 4 more teeth, that was not a fun teething experience for any of us. We've been signing since very early and she has recognized some signs, but really only used "milk". Now she signs "eat", "more", "dog", "cat", "change", "sleep", "all done" and "bath". I am a huge fan of baby signing it is making communicating so much easier instead of trying to figure out what she is trying to say. I am really starting to love this age, just watching her play and discover new things is so great.

Over the past few weeks she has been a great sleeper and even manages to get herself to sleep. The naps have even improved, I even managed 10 miles on the treadmill this morning during her nap! This new found love of sleep makes for a much happier mommy and Ophelia. My inaccurate measurements: weight 17 1/2 lbs height: 29".
Attempting to wear a barrette.


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