The hat I took from my cousin
Not that I had any doubts but my child is spoiled! Our house is full of toys and her wardrobe keeps growing. I wasn't sure how Ophelia would feel about opening presents but the empty boxes/bags and ripping the paper and handing little pieces to mom and dad was much more exciting then finding out what was inside.

We continued my family's tradition of non-traditional holidays with a great menu lacking all the typical foods (all gluten free with minimal changes):
Lentil tacos
Spanish rice
Pumpkin cheesecake (with a few adjustments) and all the cookies I baked last week
And of course wine

The food/cooking theme continued in gifts: we received a crockpot, espresso maker, beer and wine and gave my parents an ice cream maker. In all the excitement of the day Ophelia skipped her nap and still managed to stay happy. She had a blast playing with her older cousin and showing off her new found skill of walking and asking everyone for food.
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