2010: The year of change

2010 was definitely the year of change and new beginnings. The biggest being the birth of Ophelia and becoming a mother, I also made some big decisions about school and dealt with months of illness without answers.

Looking back my 2010 goals: How did I do?
Yearly Miles: 1330
-Pain free running after baby and a strong comeback: Yes, no injuries and plenty of PRs

-Continue with my new found attitude for running/racing: Kind of, as I started seeing my potential and setting PRs late Summer I started pushing harder, but I am still enjoying running more then ever.

-Start racing again and BQ: Yes, 3:31:44 at TCM

-PRs at all distances, actually run some 5Ks/10Ks: Kind of, Marathon PR (above), Half PR (1:39:56) and 10 Mile PR (1:10:36 ). I didn't run a 10K and only ran 1 5K and this was the day after a 17 mile long run.

-Continue with weights 2-3x week and XT 2x week as I get back to running: Another kind of here, I've been very good about strength training and even started working with a personal trainer recently, but XT not so good until the past few weeks when I got back on my bike.

-Find a good balance between being a mom and running: I think so, Ophelia and I enjoyed many runs with BOB and lucky for me her new found love of naps has let me get in longer runs the days I don't work. 

So what about 2011? I see more changes ahead.
-Continue to run injury free
-Keep up with the strength training 2-3x week and XT 2x week, maybe even add in some yoga
-More PRs and run 5Ks/10Ks and PR: I would love sub 3:30 marathon, 1:35 half, sub1:10 10 Mile, 42:00 10K, and sub 20:00 5K
-Be a better mom and wife, the majority of the year was rough with adjusting to parenthood and how bad I felt most days with fatigue, pain, etc. I am feeling human again and enjoying my time with Ophelia and truly appreciating everything that Matt has done and all that he has put up with.
-Decide on my thesis topic by Spring and have a plan for the remainder of my school
-Run an ultra (maybe)
-More trail running and races
-Start biking to work once the weather is nicer
-Continue with gluten free eating and experiment with more meals: be better as weekly menu planning

2011 Races (so far)
April: Boston Marathon
June: Du at the Dam
July: Napa to Sonoma Half (coaching)
August: Mpls 13.1


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