I must be crazy!

I finally have a day off work so I am determined to get in a decent run, but of course just in time the heat comes. Today I decided to go early to beat the heat, I was wrong! We left the house a little after 8am and about 1/3 mile in passed the bank that read a temperature of 92F, yikes. This with the humidity was crazy hot! Of course I kept going, more worried about Ophelia then myself. I figured she was fine, slathered in sunscreen and sipping her water as we went. This is the one thing she gets from me, constantly carrying a water bottle.

We made are normal stop at the play area, which was pretty empty for a change. I think I got warmer just standing in the sun then I was while running. We soon headed home realizing I hadn't seen any other crazy runners yet, a few bikers but no runners. With a couple miles left I finally saw two other runners although no one else crazy enough to be pushing 40+ pounds of stroller, toddler and supplies while doing these miles. I'm happy to say we made it home intact, soaking wet but feeling good. 8 miles done slower then normal, but done.

Good thing I got out when I did, it is now 100F outside but feels much hotter. 


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