Wine, running and friends

The three words that pretty much sum up my last weekend. For the third year I made the annual trip to Sonoma County to coach a team for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon, the biggest difference this year was that I wasn't pregnant or with infant in tow. Ophelia spent her vacation with grandma and grandpa while Matt and I enjoyed 5 days in wine country.

At Paradise Ridge Winery
We arrived Thursday and hit my favorite chain restaurant, Fresh Choice, which is not available at home and then heading out for a little wine tasting before dinner and more wine. We lucked out with a balcony room making for a nice place to enjoy the evening wine. Things soon got interesting when I realized that I was missing pieces for my breast pump and it had been 16 hours since I nursed Ophelia before our flight. I had originally planned to wean her before the trip but it just didn't happen so I was stuck traveling with the pump yet again. Deciding that neither of us were fit to drive Matt offered to walk to Target without any clue how to get there, but luckily decided against since we later found out it was about 3 miles and across a highway.

Needless to say Friday morning started a little too early and lot too uncomfortable. I woke up not knowing whether my head or my breasts would explode first. Why does that last bottle of wine always seem like a good idea at night?! With almost 3 hours until stores opened I decided to solve the problem with a 4mile run, the weather was perfect but all else was not! Oh well it wasted time and after a trip to Target for pump parts and ibuprofen I was soon feeling much better. The potatoes and scrambled eggs at the hotel worked wonders too.

Finally feeling better we met up with some friends for a few tastings and then dinner which involved a long drive over the mountains on a very windy road. Good thing I was feeling much better at this point and we decided against taking the same road back in the dark!

Saturday started with yet another nice run, we couldn't ask for better weather. 60s for a low and 80s for highs were much better then the heat wave at home. 6.5 miles ending with a couple miles with my team and then off to packet pick up where we once again managed to transfer a number to Matt. Then more wine tasting where we found a new place, Inman Family Wines. I am a huge fan of the small places and love when the wine maker is the one pouring. The day ended with the team dinner complete with a speech by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. 

Race morning

Sunday we were up nice and early for race start, yet another perfect day! Who can complain when you get to start the day by running 18 miles in wonderful weather and chatting with friends along the way? My entire team (plus Matt and our friend Cristy) finished the race feeling great. The best part, this year they were serving wine at the Mile 10 water stop. Since I wasn't racing I decided to take advantage of this. The rest of the day continued to just a perfect, wine tasting at a couple places before heading back to the hotel and then spending the afternoon at the pool with part of the team, drinking wine and chatting with rockstars. Things got even more interesting when the team from LA broke out the tequila shots, yikes haven't done that in years! 

Sarah finished her 1st Half!

Our weekend concluded with one final run on Monday morning in cooler weather and another stop at Fresh Choice before flying home. At home the pump issues continue when I realize I left the tubing at the hotel, I think someone is trying to tell me something!   


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