Red, White & Boom Half

Last year we started what is becoming a new tradition of starting the 4th of July off with a half marathon. It has now been almost a week and I have yet to write a race report, it wasn't a bad race, but it wasn't a wonderful race. Maybe that's why, nothing too exciting and nothing to truly complain about. So here it is short and sweet...

Much better weather then last year, well besides the heat but at least no down pours, and I managed to be out of the bathroom line and at the start with time to spare. The gun went off and I off course started too fast at a pace of 7-7:15/ mile. This kept up for the first few miles, but I knew I needed to bank some time with the hills that were coming. I slowed slightly and kept under a 7:20 pace for the first 6 miles and then there was mile 7! The entire mile was uphill, broken into three hills with short flats in between. Somehow managed a 8:15. Nice, now to get back on pace. The next few miles I was running 7:30s and slowly slipping off my PR. The course was changed slightly from last year and the last mile was no longer run on a muddy trail, instead the race finished by running across a bridge and into the park. I give it the last little push and think maybe I can PR, but then I see the clock and I missed it by 8 seconds! Ugh. 1:38:05 (7:30 pace) 6th AG / 28 Woman / 126 Overall.

As is my typical race strategy I went out too fast and couldn't hold it. If only one day I could hold that early pace for the entire race. I can't complain about my time, this course is tough and it was about 25F warmer then when I set the PR 2 months ago. 

Thanks to my company I had a team entry and afterwards had access to the team tent with the good food: watermelon and ice cream, yum! The general race had hot dogs along with the typical race food, yuck. I could have gone for a veggie dog but nothing for us nonmeat people. Oh well, I think I had my share of watermelon anyways.


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