Running solo

It has been awhile since I have run by myself. Tuesday and Saturday I always run with the group at the gym, Sunday I have been doing long runs with some friends and most other runs involve the cutest little running partner in the BOB. Today the Sunday long run plans with friends changed due to a few injuries and storms so I was on my own.

After waking at 2am and hearing thunder, hail and downpours I wasn't sure of what to expect and even considered a treadmill run instead. I took advantage of this and slept in, heading out around 8 instead of the usual 6:30 meeting time. It turned out to be the perfect morning to run, 50s and mostly cloudy. My first long run of the year in shorts. Thanks to iTunes and their $0.69 Gen X playlist I was set with Blink 182, Toadies and few other new songs reminding me of high school and college life to keep me going. I am in need of new songs, what are your favorite running songs?

I love having access within 1 mile of home to 100s of miles of paved and unpaved running trails all part of the regional parks. Without thinking I can easily plan a route and change as I go, I always know how many miles to get home which can be good or bad! We've talked of moving to get into better schools and I will miss this if we do.
So happy to run 21 miles this morning in perfect weather while getting lost in my thoughts and surroundings. It was a much needed run to improve my attitude. I felt good on the leg, belly wasn't too happy. I am still suffering from a month of bad eating, yuck! I used to always run alone so this was a welcome return, don't get me wrong I love my running friends and the conversation and motivation, but today this was what I needed.


  1. LOVE the regional parks. Elm Creek is amazing.

    1. They are great, it is so nice to have it so close :)

  2. I need to figure out the trail system. Hopefully I can meet you at the 1 miler.

    1. The trail system just takes exploring to figure out, it took me awhile and few times getting lost. See you at the 1 Miler.


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