Mud Factor 5K

This will be short and sweet, so much that I honestly debated even writing about it. When I registered I had all intentions of fully participating but today that changed, I have two big races soon (including one Sunday) and didn't want to risk injury. This weekend also marked the start of fall and the coldest day we've had in over 6 months. I was not happy about running through cold mud in 40 degree air!

After running 5 miles with my group and a strong internal debate I decide to stop wimping out and go. I can always just run, right? Matt and I somehow managed to get up to the front of our wave which was wonderful since at least 3/4 of the people weren't even running. We were lucky enough to be able to run, I realized this about 1 mile in when I looked back and saw the crowd of walkers and back up at obstacle 1.

Yes, I wimped out of many of the obstacles, many since I knew my numb, gloved hands wouldn't work well to support me and there was no need to risk a fall. Matt on the other hand completed every obstacle and ended mud covered.

Looking back it probably wasn't the smartest idea to plan this the day before a big race and 2 weeks before a marathon, as I climbed the final rope wall I kept thinking what happens if I fall? Maybe next year I'll plan a race like this when I know the weather will be warm and I don't need to worry about  big race following. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, just not the best timing and weather.

Someone else wanted to play in the mud too!


  1. You live and learn huh? Probably a good call not to risk it - but were you satisfactorily muddy?!

    1. I was actually pretty clean, except my muddy shoes. They decided to stop making mud with the cold weather.

  2. I definitely agree it was a good call to not risk it since you have a big race coming up. But it still sounds like you had a great time! I want to do a mud run one day!

  3. Yikes, not as much fun when it's so cold. Glad you got the experience though:)

  4. I think that's the biggest reason why I haven't signed up for one of these kinds of races! My husband and I are always racing and if I were to get injured I would be so upset!

    I'm sorry that it was so cold, that's no fun either.

    1. Same with us, we race pretty much every weekend spring through fall. It is what keeps me motivated :)


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