1 Month to go!!

Another Monday in the midst of what is already shaping up to be a brutal winter, last week we got dumped on twice by snow and now another day with wind chills of -20s! December has not proven to be nice to me: my first migraine in months and it lasted 3 days, then a stomach bug hit us, now O is going on week 2 of a nasty cough this is truly nothing more than annoying! With the nasty weather my motivation is truly lacking and honestly running outside sucks! Yesterday I managed 10 miles on semi-cleared paths with less than great footing, I’m just not ready to give in to the treadmill yet! Although I will admit the treadmill has been my friend for early morning speed intervals.

My weeks have also been filled with less running and more cross training to let this leg fully heal. Today hitting the pool for some laps and then off to yoga. My bike has once again become my friend and Netflix is getting me through hour + elliptical workouts. This afternoon will be another appointment with my sports chiro for muscle work, Graston and acupuncture. And my roller has become my best friend the past few weeks again!

Today also marks 1 month until Dopey Challenge! Yes in 1 month I will be running a 5K, 10K, half and full marathon over 4 days! Yikes, this sounded fun last spring when I registered but now after nagging injury it may not be such a great plan. I will guarantee it is going to be about fun and not racing, maybe some tempo runs incorporated and gait work through the marathon but no PRs in the works! My only goal is to beat my previous Disney Marathon time from 2003 (my 1st marathon) which I have no doubts I can do since I barely trained and finished in 5 hours! I am debating my overall race weekend plans and may decide to race the 10K or half and run the rest for fun, who knows I think it will honestly be a last minute decision.

Who else is running Dopey or any Disney Weekend races? Are you ready?

I’m also a week away from starting to think about Boston Marathon training, the good news that means spring is just around the corner, right?! Also working on my 2014 Race plans, the only thing it is missing is a fall marathon. Kansas City maybe? Anyone have input on this race?


  1. Oh goodness, what a rough start to December! I forgot you're doing Goofy... that is coming up soon, how exciting!

  2. I'm running the marathon that weekend -- can't wait!!

  3. I would love to run one someday, but not right now. I have a bloggy friend running one of them though.

  4. I have heard so many good things about this challenge, I wish you the best of luck! Very exciting!!!

  5. THe challenge sounds like a lot of fun. Tons!

  6. OMG, the Dopey challenge sounds crazy, but tons of fun! Good luck!!!



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