Making Changes

Is it just me or is the combination of holiday celebrations, nasty weather and decrease in running miles meaning slacking on healthy eating? Seriously it is just so much easier to stay inside, nice and warm baking cookies and relaxing than going through the process of getting dressed to run or drive to the gym. While I will say I'm not terrible and I enjoy my indulgences it seems that this time of year always means that second helping of dessert, extra glass of wine, etc.

One of my goals to end 2013 is to snack healthy: fruits, veggies and hummus, nuts, yogurt, homemade granola, rice cakes and nut butter. What's on your healthy snack list? I'm also joining Laura for the 21 Day Reset Challenge beginning January 6th. Why not join others and gain the extra support to kick of 2014 on a healthy note?

Laura is offering three different options: Free, group and private coaching. Also register this week and receive $10 off using code 'earlybird'

Looking for another way to kick off 2014 with a fitness challenge? Join Jill and I in the 14 in 2014 Challenge What is your trick to stay healthy and active through the holidays and cold weather?


  1. I'm so glad you can join us, Jen!! I know I need the reset, too. And I'm planning to join you and Jill again as well!

  2. I hear ya Jen! It's so hard this time of year!


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