December Goals and Ending 2013 Strong!

Seriously where did November and 2013 go?!Here we are December 2nd and already thinking ahead to 2014, fall marathons are on my radar already! I strongly considerer NYCM but think that will have to wait (although what are my chances anyways?). But before I can get that far in my thoughts I need to take a few minutes to check in with my 2013 goals…

171 miles to go to meet my yearly goal of 2500!

  • I took November easy with running and focused more on strength and cross training, even got in the pool!
  • Ran 10 Mile race in nasty wind!
  • Found the best cold weather shoes, so nice to run with warm feet for the first winter ever!

Salomon Gortex!

  • Finally getting into a routine of full-time work
  • Eating has been great with the occasional splurge of course! Egg Nog GF cupcakes last weekend!!
  • Office and bedrooms are fully organized!
  • Getting back to weekend meal prep but still needs work!

  • Great runs with friends
  • Afternoon of Santa, cupcakes and fun with the family!
  • Date day to the 10 Mile race with Matt and a wine tasting. 

What’s ahead for December and the rest of 2013?

  • Start Boston training!!
  • Continue with quality workouts: speed intervals, tempo, hilly long runs. No more junk miles!!
  • 2-3 morning workouts during the week
  • Swim weekly

  • Finish organizing house.
  • Plan weekly meals and stick with it! Prep on Sunday.
  • Limit holiday food/wine splurges (don’t worry there will be some!)
  • Try not to let holidays mean stress!

  • Plan fun holiday activities with O.
  • Help O make ornaments or gifts for family, Ideas? We’ve done picture frames and clay cut out ornaments. I need something new.
  • Plan date night with Matt.
  • Schedule some friend time.
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  1. Good luck with all your goals Jen! I know you'll do great!

  2. Those sound like great goals!

  3. 2500 miles is impressive. I have no ideas for gifts for O to make. Good luck.


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