14 in 2014, Are you ready? Sponsors and motivation.

As 13 in 2013 draws to an end we began looking forward to the goals for 2014... Once again the response to a year long running challenge has been amazing! My goal is to stay strong and injury free in 2014. What is your goal?
305 participants so far!
If you’re new to 14 in 2014, check out the original post for all the details at Are You Ready To Run 14 in 2014?
What people are saying…
"I'm so excited and won't miss out this year!"
"13 in 2013 was the best motivation and can't wait for 2014!"
"What a great way to keep up the motivation of running all year."
"I'm so in for 14 in 2014!!"
Join Now!
The private 14 in 2014 Facebook group is open! Part of the fun of 13 in 2013 was meeting new people, sharing our accomplishments and motivating each other in the private group!
After your request has been accepted introduce yourself and check out the file tab for information and badges.
Sponsors are teaming up with 14 in 2014 to reward your efforts and determination!
Our first Official 14 in 2014 Sponsors are…




Are you connected to a company aimed to help others stay active or healthy? If you are interested in sponsoring 14 in 2014 contact Jen marathonmom28@gmail.com or Jill. 
Coming soon:
  • virtual race calendar
  • more sponsors
  • t-shirt ordering information- there is still time to submit your design ideas to me! Email Jen

I would love for 14 in 2014 to be bigger than the 13 in 2013 800+ participants! Share on your blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #14in2014.

There’s still time to sign up! Tell your friends and family to join you!

Your email will only be used for 14 in 2014 information. It will not be made public or shared.
How to join:
  1. Sign up [and commit] Here
  2. If you blog, post the challenge button with the distance of your choice on the sidebar of your blog.


  1. I already committed and added the button to my sidebar! Excited to get going!

  2. I just signed up! Super excited about this. I ran 6 races from 5Ks to my first half marathon last year, so this is a big jump, but one I know I'm ready for! Thanks for the motivation.

  3. I did too and have the button in my sidebar! I am sticking with the 5ks for the rest of the year since I am still recovering from my foot surgery and do not want to overdo it. :)

    Maria @ The Good Life

  4. Excited to be running 14 in '14 with everyone!

  5. I don't remember what distance I signed up for. Is there a link I can see to check?

  6. I'm excited to get this started. My first race is the Frosty 5K on January 1st.

  7. I am so excited for this! Bring on 2014!!

  8. I'm in and the button's on my sidebar! So excited for 2014!!


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