5 things for Friday

What a week of craziness, the weather has gone from beautiful to nasty and we are all ready for Spring to really show itself! 

1. Look what I got! I love my ProCompression socks and when I saw these last week I knew I needed to add them to my collection. I think these will be perfect Boston Marathon socks! Speaking of Boston just 17 days until race day.

2. I had a great run! After last week and feeling less than wonderful about training and my ability my body stepped up and pulled off an amazing 22 miler on Sunday. I took it easy and enjoyed the weather: 40-50s and sunny. I even ran a negative split, I never do that. Although it did help that I started into the wind and finished with a great tail wind. No it was not my fastest run but mentally I needed this. It was mostly pain free until after when my hip decided to spasm on me, luckily a session with the sports chiro for soft tissue work and acupuncture and I am back.

3. This was Sunday...Gorgeous, 60 degrees and sunny. Perfect day outside to ride bikes, grill and just enjoy the thought of nicer weather to come.

4. And this is today!..10" of snow fell overnight and there is more faling. No I am not amused at all. I got the joy of driving home in this last night. The roads are awful and my commute today will not be pleasant. Really this would have been a perfect February day, temps in the 30s and fresh snow but April, no thanks!

5. I'm having some crazy thoughts...Debating changing up my running completely and running a 50K trail race in July for variety and to do something new. I'm just trying to decide how this would fit into marathon training and whether it would negatively effect me as I a hoping that this fall marathon is the one to knock my PR down! The marathon is 17 weeks after the 50K and I was planning an 18 week training, really thinking Hansen's it will be (thanks Dawn!). So this would be week 1 of training. Anyone added in long races as part of marathon training?

So happy it is Friday! Enjoy the weekend, Any fun plans? Me running of course and work. 1 week until my next race!


  1. Wow! Talk about a bipolar weather pattern. Hopefully it melts off for you.

  2. I can't believe your weather is still that crazy! I hope it gets back to the good stuff soon:)

  3. I've done a lot of trail ultras and marathons and my expreience is training for a trail ultra is not a good way to run a fast marathon. I experience a slow down when I switch to trails. But, I think you have enough time in between to get your speed back up. Try the trail ultra. You will love it and if you love doing multiple marathons in a year, then ultrarunning is for you.

  4. I cannot believe your weather!! Thankful to be living in FL :D I think the trail ultra sounds awesome! You should do it !

  5. Love the socks! Aren't you glad it's finally warming up. I love running in the beautiful spring weather. Although, I did some treadmill work this morning but hearing the birds chirp when I came out of the gym was AWESOME!

  6. Yay for fun socks, great run, 60 degrees! I'm ignoring the snow :)

  7. I'm so done with snow, it looks like it's going to be a nice week finally in MI with temps in the 60's. If it snows again anytime soon, I may lose my mind!


  8. I loathe when the weather plays mind games like this. It's crazy! Luckily, other than non-stop rain and tornados, April is slowly (very slowly) starting to get more spring like here.

    Good luck at Boston!


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