Another 5 for Friday

1. It is truly amazing what good weather does for my running! Oh my shorts and a tank on Monday and I was smiling the entire 8 miles. The other thing that comes with great weather for me is better eating. I'm on day 5 of being back to great food choices and plan to stay like this the next 10 days until Boston, with the exception of Saturday for our anniversary dinner.

2. I woke up earlier this week to an email that I was nominated as a top health and fitness blog! Thanks to whoever nominated me! Now I need your help, take 5 seconds to click the link and Vote!

3. Yesterday I was interviewed for a story on the Boston Marathon! I hope I don't look like a complete idiot when it airs, am I the only one who comes up with the perfect answers after the fact? This and all the news coverage has really brought back last year's race in full light. I know it will be an emotional day when I cross the finish line.
2011 and 2012 medals
4. Tomorrow I am running a 10 Mile race and hoping the forecast of thunderstorms is wrong! Finally 40s for race time temps and they are saying rain, yuck! Matt and I will run the 10 Mile and O the kid's race after. She's been "training" and this past week has requested to go running 3 times anywhere from 1-2 miles. I think she's ready for more than a kid's race distance!
5. I've been slacking on the real pilates and yoga workouts except the short session I do in my office but today I finally got back to pilates. The good news my core is actually stronger than when I used to do this, but the bad news I'm even less flexible! Yikes, I wasn't sure that was even possible. With a marathon 10 days away and cutting back on miles this is the perfect time to get it back in my routine

Happy Friday! What are your fun weekend plans?  A race, anniversary dinner and early Easter celebration for us.


  1. I feel the same way about this weather- makes such a difference. Best of luck on the ten miler! I'm running a half tomorrow- or run/walking, depending how I feel, but it will be fun to be in a "race" again!

  2. Yay for warmer temps for running! I hope the race goes well and the rain holds off! Have a great weekend Jen!

  3. Hope the weather ends up nice for your race:) Voted for you!

  4. The weather has been amazing! Few things compare to a long run outside with sunshine, blue skies and 50-60 temps. Enjoy the run!


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