Goldy's for our anniversary!

For the 2nd year in a row our anniversary celebration (a day early this year) began with a 10 Mile race at the place where we first met and started dating almost 16 years ago! Yikes when did I get so old?!
It was a rainy, windy morning and thanks to our attempted short cut we arrived a mere 7 minutes before race start! I guess less time to stand around getting cold and wet! Quick bathroom stop and we got to the start right as the gun went off. I knew I needed to run smart and just wanted to run marathon pace and comfortable. I spent the first few miles dodging people, inching my way up past the pace group 11:00, 10:30, 10:00, 9:30 and finally 9:00 until I found an open space to run. Then came the hills! This is the worst part of the brutal winter and training on the treadmill, I'm not used to wind and hills! I mean be honest we all know to change the incline on the treadmill but does anyone go beyond 2% for long runs?!

I was finally at mile 9 and flat ground, decided to pick it up a little until I came near a parking ramp and a cop was attempting to get a car to pass before I came through, too bad they waited and decided to go at the last second, making me stop to avoid being hit! Even worse these were runners from the 5K, come on pay attention! The cop was not happy with them either!

Finally safe and crossing the finish line...1:18:15 Not a PR but I wasn't planning on it. I did make my goal of a comfortable marathon pace run! Then it was time for O to run, once again we were not allowed to run with her, she insisted she could do it by herself! I just love seeing her run with such a huge smile on her face, enjoying every second of it! Wow, she can teach us all something. 

That evening Matt and I were able to head out for a nice dinner and celebrate our anniversary the way most people do. Yes, I admit that running for our anniversary the past 3 years may not be the norm!

Time o rest up, pack and plan for the next race...


  1. I love this! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary :)

  2. This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!! :)

  3. So awesome you got to run at the same place y'all met! Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. It is fun, last year I held back and we finished together :)


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