5 Things For Friday- Summer Edition

I hate the term bucket list, but I guess you can say that's what this is. My bucket list for summer, my first summer working full time in years, heck I had the last two summers off completely, this will be a shock!

1. This summer we decided to skip the CSA and get back to gardening. My goal for the summer is to buy as little produce as possible from the store. I want to either grow my own or buy from local farms. With the community farmer's market and two near work I want to hit one weekly for what we need. My garden this year consists of: tomatoes, peppers (bell, cayenne, ghost, serrano, poblano), eggplant, zucchini, butternut squash, rhubarb, strawberries, beets, eddamame, cucumbers, sugar peas, basil and cilantro). Poor O was not happy when I told her it was not possible to grow bananas and avocados in Minnesota!

2. To tie into the first thing, O and I will go fruit and veggie picking. Last summer we got in strawberries and veggies late in the season but this year I hope to do more.

3. This summer I am going to swim in a lake! I mean really swim. It has been years since my one and only open water swim at a tri that went terribly wrong! This summer I am going to prove to myself that I can get over my hatred of lake swimming!

4. Take Cooper with us to eat out at a dog friendly restaurant. Many patios around here welcome dogs but I was always too afraid to bring Morgan the 80 lb guy who despite his gentle playful personality was very intimidating to others!

5. Find at least one new place to run. I love my usual routes but love exploring new areas and want to discover even more places.

Bonus: Bike to work!

What is on your list of must do for the summer?


  1. Open water swims always scare me. I did a few tri races in a lake and I get kept swimming as fast as I could to get out! Confessions of A Mother Runner

  2. Racing and gardening pretty much sums up my summer! Love it :)

  3. Going to try stand-up paddle boarding. Love the idea of pet friendly restaurants. Sounds fun!

  4. I've never gone fruit or veggie picking - that is a good idea.

  5. Come visit! We have lots of banana trees here! ;)


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