Putting May in the past and looking to June!

I figured with a new month and lack of monthly check ins it might be time to look at my goals and see how things are going. I haven't really focused on it since running hasn't been great and now I just spent almost 6 weeks off


  • Not much running this month, but I have now been cleared to run!
  • Started CrossFit and I love it! Great challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
  • My workouts are PT exercises, core strength, yoga, biking and Strength. What has happened to the runner?
  • I smartly backed out of a half marathon and am focusing on getting healthy


  • Work is kicking in full crazy mode!
  • May was Dance recital and Gymnastics show!
  • We have decided not to move so next up is massive remodeling!


  • O finished her old school after many issues we decided a change was needed.
  • Matt and I had two date nights!
  • We added Cooper to our family (okay this was April)
June Goals:

  • Continue with PT exercises and yoga daily
  • Ease back in to running
  • Start full force marathon training June 23rd
  • Longest trail race this month: 10 Mile on June 28th

  • Find the good work/life balance as things get even busier
  • Take 5 minutes for myself each day
  • Focus on healthy eating, no more boredom eating
  • Write Matt's fall marathon training plan and those for my two new clients

    • We have a fun trip planned to surprise O with in June
    • Start O's new school
    • Dinner planned with friends
    • Get out with the MRTT group at least twice

    How was May? What are your June goals?

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    1. Glad things are starting to look up for you Jen! Rock it this month girl!

    2. I have been in discovery mode lately, playing sponge and learning a lot. I have more expectations for June, so let's see how it will go. ;)

    3. That is exciting that you have been given the okay to run and are on the full mend! Good luck with getting back into it, and starting marathon training in the coming weeks!!!


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