Friday 5: Things I'm loving right now!

A little late on "Friday" but still we got this, right?! Over the past month I've been introduced to a few new things that I am loving and want to share...

1) UCAN Peach Passion Protein/SuperStarch Bars The latest bar from UCAN and again I'm in love! Each time they introduce a new bar, it is a new debate on my favorite. I still like the cinnamon for during run fuel but the new coffee and peach both have vegan protein too so perfect post run or afternoon snack. Have you tried any UCAN bars? I have a discount code to share, comment if interested.

2) FlipBelt I've said it many times but I hate wearing running belts! They bounce, move, slide up and are just annoying. I end up running long runs with a handheld and refueling. When I was asked to review this product I decided why not?! I wore this running Chicago RnR Half and it didn't move! It comes with 3 water bottles (1 10oz and 2 5oz) so I ran with the 5oz in back and my phone in front, plus ID and key and all stayed put. ON a recent 20 miler I ran with the 10oz and noticed it sits better in front pouch so I had a little adjusting to do but all was good.

One of the best parts...It is machine washable! Throw it right in with all the stinky running clothes and you're good to go.
3) Olympics first t was swimming and gymnastics and right now we are obsessed with track events and how fast they all run! Last weekend we watched the women's marathon and O had the faith in me to ask if I had run that marathon! Not quite, but thanks. Can't wait to watch Meb and the men's marathon Sunday. What events are you enjoying?

4) Summer! but I hate that it is almost done. It goes so fast and we all know what is ahead... Soaking up the last weeks of no school and sun with trips to the farmer's market, bonfires, bike rides and dinners on the patio before school starts. In just a few months the colder weather and snow will be showing itself!
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5) Free Birthday Stuff! So far coffee, desserts, meals, coupon for my overpriced but beloved salon and there are still 2 days until my birthday! I'm not excited about getting a year old on this nothing birthday (you know, one where you done gain extra BQ time or move to a new age group!) it is fun to get the free stuff. 

What are you loving right now? Back to school yet or a few more weeks?

Have a great weekend :)


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