Rock n Roll Chicago Remix Challenge

Sorry I left things abrupt with my pre-race posting and then nothing... We arrived in Chicago early on Friday and despite the instructions to rest my legs we walked all over! By the end of the day nearly 30,000 steps and over 12 miles! All without any attempt at a workout, oops! We hit the expo, picked up a new pair of ProCompression socks (that I wore for the 5K), had lunch, walked around and tried to relax. Dinner out at Frontera for Matt's birthday and then an early night to sleep.

We were staying just across the park from race start so I got up and ran an easy mile before lining up to race the 5K. The plan for race and see what was left for the half. It was hot even at 6:30 am. I made a point to line up a few rows back thinking this would prevent going out too fast. We were off and soon there were walkers! The first mile was on road then we turned on the Lakefront path before turning towards the finish...

The finish was just around the corner, road was less than ideal for a speedy finish as I dodged potholes.

Done...20:54! First 5K under 21 in years, although I wasn't where I hoped, it was hot and I am happy with this.
Bean Selfie
Sunday was half marathon day and we were both running. It was hot, I was tired from the 5K. I did my 1 mile easy warm up and hit the start line. The goal was 7:40s to start and if I felt good then speed up later. I did fine with the 7:40s but forgot how many bridges Chicago had! Yikes! At least I could position myself in the middle and focus ahead. So I ran. It got hotter, my legs got tired...

Soon it was even hotter and with about 4 miles to go, no shade it sight. The only perk to a very annoying Mile 11-12 was the dark. The course went under the convention center, it was dark and difficult to see, the road was full of holes and people were tripping! Yuck! It was slow going for a little while as my main goal was not to get injured. Soon the finish line was in sight and I gave it my all to get there... I finished 1:41 can't complain after a 5K.

As a Rock n Blog member I hit the VIP tenet and had the best post race massage, my legs needed the stretch! Ate a little food and drank a mimosa and coffee waiting for Matt. I also talked with Julia Webb right after she smashed the World Record for a half with a stroller! She was so nice, I love how runners a re all equal and supportive of each other, I had not idea how speedy she was until I asked how her race went! She seemed even more impressed by my previous marathon training with the stroller!

Then the storms started! Matt was told to leave the course but with no where to go they decided to finish in the rain. He joined me for a short time but we headed back to the condo to dry off before heading back to listen to Echo Smith play.
All dry after the race!
Overall it was a fun weekend, I got to meet some other Rock n Blog members and run some fun races. I would suggest a couple changes to the course but I'd be back to run again. Anyone up for running a Rock n Roll Race? Earn some bling? Use my code for a discount and join me!

Check out my race goodies! Love the shirts and all medals, can't wait for my combo medal to arrive!


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