Updates: The Good and Bad!

The past few weeks I had a mild achy pain on my inner left calf, it would come and go. Some days it was bad, then it would be gone. I thought it was due to the Baker's cyst behind my left knee swelling more but who knows now. It was worse when I started running so I started with a walking warm up most days. Then it was fine. Until Saturday!

I ran a pretty comfortable 20 miles with mid miles at marathon pace, leg was a little sore but nothing more than from normal running. Afterwards I jumped in the car and drove to watch Matt finish a triathlon and walking after was sore and got worse as the day progressed. I sat around on a rainy Saturday with ice, walked in a compression sleeve and took ibuprofen. Th pain comes and goes and messes with my brain...is it a stress fracture? The pain can be pinpoint at times, but diffuse, and it gets better with running so I think probably not. Is it a tendon? Maybe, gets better when loose, ice helps. Related the cyst? Another possible cause, but it is lower.

Cooper and I ran a very easy 4 this morning and he then joined me to ice afterwards!

6 weeks until TCM, I don't need this! The good news my hamstring is no longer an issue! I'm planning a visit to my sports chiro this week for graston and acupuncture. Any advice to make this feel better besides the usual? 

Now the good...I am now a Certified Metabolic Training Specialist- HMP! I just found out I passed my test from the course  took in June.
. Time to get my own nutrition back in check for the remainder of marathon training. The only benefit to summer ending is less nights out filled with snacking and wine. School starts 1 week from today and we will be back on track! Are your kids back in school? What are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer?


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