Five on Friday: Marathon Prep

2 days, yes 2 days until Flying Pig! Despite a little set back yesterday, O was so nice to share her germs with me and I had a little bought of GI illness, but think I am recovering. Ugh!

How do I get ready for a marathon in the last couple days. I'd love to hear your pre-race prep 

For a busy mom, this is kind of funny! Fortunately I am flying to Cincinnati today, alone! I plan to spend the flight reading and listening to some music. Fingers crossed for a smooth, stress free flight and arrival.
Along with relaxing try not to obsess about the race, the weather, the what ifs and factors beyond my control. Yes I am following the weather but I can't change what Sunday morning brings, to help me relax I am preparing for anything!

Currently race morning is looking cool! So dehydration won't be a huge concern. Flying tends to make me feel dehydrated so I will be traveling with my water and UCAN Hydrate. With the past days of GI illness this is even more important! Of course bringing my Ion8 bottle Remember you can win your own
I also carry water with me most of the 2 days prior, Depending on predicted temps I also add UCAN Hydrate electrolytes into 1 or 2 of those bottles. Hydrating prior allows me to drink a little less on race day meaning less tummy issues.

Visualize the Race
Think about the course, the start, getting through the tougher miles and crossing the finish line strong. Have a plan, Nichole and I discussed my plan a few days ago and I'm feeling good about it. No, I'm not sharing ;) It makes me too nervous to say it out loud!
I have a plan of how to focus through the tough miles, my mantra and ways to push through. I'm thinking positive on this one. I have music ready if I need it.

Massage, Roll
No pre-race massage for me but foam roller is packed and my lacrosse ball is in carry on. I will be easily working through the sore areas. I debated acupuncture like I have done before but ran out of time! Oops! Compression sleeves are ready for the walking.

Race Day Gear/Clothes
This is the big one! With traveling you need to prepare for any weather since I won't have the luxury of home. O has so nicely picked out a few running outfits, nice and bright and colorful of course! Also I have 2 pairs of shoes, one in carry-on.
My Race Day list

  • UCAN and shaker bottle
  • Breakfast (yep I travel with food)
  • Multiple clothing options
  • Garmin and charger
  • iPod and earbuds (yep, I've forgotten the earbuds before)
  • Flipbelt
  • Post-race flip flops
  • Throw away clothes
  • BodyGlide
  • Pro Compression socks
  • Hats
Anything I am missing from your pre-race prep? Who else is racing this weekend?


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