Flying Pig Marathon Recap

The short and not so sweet...After being sick Thursday and Friday and not eating well at all I questioned what I'd be able to accomplish. Finally Saturday I was eating better but could tell I had calories and hydration to make up. Terrible timing before a race!  I was hoping for the best but knew plans might not go as we hoped.
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Friday dinner: Vegan and GF burgers!
My brief picture filled recap...

We had a fun weekend, dinner with friends, a little exploring Cincinnati, good food, relaxing! Saturday I hit the expo and quickly grabbed my gear and bought some Bondi Bands (10% off through that link!) for O and I. We then headed for some lunch and time to relax before making dinner.

Sunday was an early start, 6:30am! We headed over to the start bundled up and trying to stay warm. I got in my corral with minimal time to spare and the goal of not going out too fast. Success! First miles 8-8:10s, yay! I knew the hills would slow me but wasn't sure what I could manage.
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I soon dropped to 7:50s and felt great. My goal was keep this pace and see what I had left the last few miles. My body had other plans, ugh! I had fueled like normal, UCAN again at Mile 14 but by Mile 18 my stomach was not happy, flashback to Thursday, yuck! I walked a minute, took a deep breath and decided to start my music. I felt better so I ran again making ti maybe 2-3 more miles but then I was done, it wasn't the legs; they felt great. My body had enough. The GI illness of a few days earlier had decided I hit my limit. I'd try to run and it just felt awful so I walked.
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New goal finish feeling good and not sick! I had fun with things now, talked to other runners, grabbed a basketball and missed the shot! I wanted to feel good enough to run the finish. I finally saw it ahead and ran...Done! Marathon 31 in the books, Yikes, those hills! huge elevation gain overall that I somehow didn't realize there was!
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This was my reminder that life doesn't always go as planned, I had no control over the illness 3 days before the race. We life and learn from the run. I have learned that I now feel great, legs not tired or sore but in recovery mode for now (at least a few days!
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Cheers! My Flying Pig Bondi Band

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How do you deal with important races that don't go as planned?


  1. Bummer on the bad timing of getting sick. But it sounds like you powered through. Congrats!!

  2. I've done the half there and my husband has done the full, the hills definitely get you! Great job powering through when feeling crappy (I've been there, it's NOT easy) and getting the finish. Congrats!


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