Post Marathon Recovery

I am now 15 days post marathon and have gone through all the emotions of happiness, disappointment, anxiety of what if I can't get faster, excitement of what is next, and more. Marathon training is all consuming and to lack the end results you hoped for comes with all the emotions of any big event.

Things are even tougher when it is completely out of your control. I feel that I had great training, yes there were days I struggled but overall it went well. My best training in years, I was hitting paces I hadn't hit in years, I wasn't in pan during and after every run, I was recovering great, I even kept up with the strength training. Yet, the factors out of control make or break the day, for me this was a lovely GI illness 3 days before the big race, meaning I was dehydrated and consumed less than I needed to be fully fueled and ready to run. It took me time to accept that this wasn't my failure at the race but instead I couldn't have changed it (accept maybe keeping myself in a bubble!).

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1st run with 2 dogs, not too bad!

How to move on after a marathon...
Take time for yourself
I spent 1 week post marathon letting myself eat what I wanted, skip workouts go for walks, relax a little. During this time look back at the race, the training and learn from it all.

Find a new goal
Although I am keeping it pretty quiet, let me just say that there may be a new marathon soon ;) Also thinking ahead to next year and what I want to accomplish. Do I want to continue with marathons? Increase distance to 50 Mile? Or focus on improving half marathon time?

Enjoy the things missing during training
#1 sleeping in! No long run last weekend so I slept, watch Matt and friends run a half, took O to her gymnastics show, walked around with a coffee in hand and enjoyed the nice weather. No plans to get out and run. This past week was filled with dance recitals and it was great watching my girl dance and spending time doing what she loves.

Enjoy the run
Last week O asked to run with me, we headed out for an easy couple miles letting her dictate the pace. I've also gotten out with both dogs and am starting Jessie on her running journey, she's slowly learning the signs of me heading out to run and is getting excited to join. Although she is slower and can only do a short distance we are progressing.

How do you mentally recover after a big race?

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Some good news to share...I had one of my runners race this weekend and she ran a 6 minute PR at her marathon! Way to go Shannon!


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