Marathon Week

1 year ago I signed up for Flying Pig Marathon, something I have had on my bucket list for years. Not sure why exactly, maybe the name is fun, I like pigs, I want to cross off another state, who knows?!
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So here I sit 5 days out from marathon 31! Honestly I never thought I'd be here, when I started I was a 1 and done marathoner, oops! I am thrilled that I have continued to run but somehow 31 training cycles doesn't make taper any less annoying and crazy!

Marathon Week Prep

Since I am traveling and the weather forecast is ever changing this means packing run clothes for everything from perfect weather to rain to heat! Today is laundry day to make sure I have all of these ready.
Food prep and research. Being a vegetarian with celiac makes race travel more difficult. I have researched the area and will be bringing race morning breakfast with along with my UCAN and plenty of snacks for the flight and throughout weekend.
Easy runs this week and accepting that I can slow down and not do crazy workouts! I had planned a Cross Fit day but a sick kiddo home from school has changed that, probably a good idea.
Read, this marathon prep read is Runner's Brain! I recommend this and my previous read, How Bad Do You Want It. What books do you recommend pre-marathon?

Taper Craziness

Seriously, I've done this before (just a few times)! But everything has me anxious...yesterday's run brought weird foot pain, knee pain, glute pain! Am I overthinking it all?
Then the worry of getting sick, ugh! I woke last Thursday with what I thought was allergies but a low grade fever made me realize it wasn't. Luckily that passed after 2 days.
Today brought the dreaded 1am wake up with a sick kiddo, standing over our bed after vomiting. Matt and I quickly cleaned things up. O crawled into bed with me since I don't work Tuesdays and he headed to the guest bedroom to try and get some sleep. As I laid there all I kept thinking was "don't get sick, you have a marathon in 5 days!" Of course now I sit here thinking my stomach is feeling weird.
What are your tricks for surviving taper?


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