More bad news...

On Tuesday I went back to the sports doc for a recheck of my ankle tendon issues and didn't get good news. I wasn't expecting anything great, but was hoping. After 6 weeks of decreased mileage (20-25 mpw) and PT I had made no progress and my performance at last weekend's Half only proved this.

He knows I am coaching and have 2 full marathons (no longer 3) to run in October. Other then that I only have 2 other races left this year, a sprint tri next weekend and the Relay in 2 weeks. I have been cleared to continue running through Dublin Marathon and then I am done until this thing is healed for good. In the mean time I am being sent to yet another doctor who can possibly fix my worthless orthotics that were custom made in April to fix the problem but only made it worse. If this doesn't work I may need to buy an entirely new pair. The good news, at this point he still does not think that surgery is the best plan.

So when Matt and I return from Europe in November I will be back in the pool for some more fun pool running and hitting lots of spin classes along with plenty of time on the trainer. My other goal is to continue with the weight training to help with my future running and biking, oh and I guess swimming. Maybe I'll actually get to enjoy swimming this winter.

So 11 more weeks left to run...


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