Urban Wildland Half

This has not been my year for distance and since G'mas my running has been limited to 20 mpw (I'm trying to keep it close). No speedwork and real training, just easy miles and hills which I can't avoid. This was my 1st half since April 2007 and I was hoping for greatness after my 10K PR last month.

Despite the forcasts all week saying that it would be 90*, at the start of the race it was nice and cool which I took as a good sign. My goal was to run 7:45-7:50 pace, to PR I would need 7:53 pace or better.

Mile 1: 8:01 (A little crowded)
Mile 2: 7:34 (Oops, maybe a little fast)
Mile 3: 7:50
Mile 4: 7:58 (Crowded, narrow trails, couldn't pass or run faster for miles 3-6)
Mile 5: 7:54
Mile 6: 8:09 (Took a Gu)
Mile 7: 7:56
Mile 8: 8:00 (Stupid water stop in the middle of a downhill)
Mile 9: 8:10 (Ankle started to hurt, figured I would be smart to slow down)
Mile 10: 7:54
Mile 11: 8:02
Mile 12: 8:29
Mile 13: 8:12
Mile 13.1: 0:45

Final:1:44:59 8:01 Pace, I think 19/215 Age Group/ 59/613 Women/ 226/1103 Overall
Matt ran a 10 minute PR of 1:57:49
My ankle was pretty sore by the time I was done with the combination of trail running and stopping on a downhill for water. I have decided that my body is not ready for racing half or fulls at this point. I can run the miles, but not at the speed I want. I need to let myself heal before I try to race longer distances again. I am happy with how I have been able to do despite the minimal training and hope this is a sign of what I can accomplish when I am back fully.

Not sure I will do this race again until the course changes, many complaints from a lot who I have talked to. I have even heard of quite a few people getting stopped so traffic could go through.


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