Sometimes I should follow my own advice

Today I decided to head out for a longish run, the original plan was 10 miles, but then before I started I changed that to 12 miles since I haven't done much in long runs lately. I always tell my runners not to add distance in the middle, but to add the miles at the end in case it gets tough or they decide the longer run isn't such a good idea anymore when they still have a few miles to run.
As I got to my planned turn around I was felling good, so I added on another mile to make the run 14 miles. Not only did I lengthen my run, but I had started out faster then my long run pace. Around mile 8 I was starting to feel it in my legs, which are still sore from the relay this past weekend. I now had 6 miles (instead of 4) left to run on tired legs. Next time I should follow my own advice and add the miles at the end.
14.16 miles in 2:03:20 for 8:43 average pace, still faster then my long run pace should be by about 15 seconds per mile, only 20 seconds off marathon pace. This is why I keep injuring myself.


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