Fall is here

Fall is finally here, this was especially trues last night. I was getting ready to run with my TNT team and put on pants, 2 long sleeve shirts and a jacket. I even put on gloves during my run. I will admit that I did take the jacket off after a few miles. Matt was also heading out to run, but did things a little different, he was wearing shorts, a short sleeve shirt and wind breaker, which I am sure he ended up taking off.

There I was out running in all my layers and a man in shorts and no shirt passes me, what a contrast. I love fall and running. The leaves are changing and the temperature is perfect marathon weather. Fall also means great food: pumpkin, Minnesota apples, and candy corn. I hate that fall means that winter and snow are soon to follow.

Tonight the weather was much warmer I was actually out in shorts, although I did have on long sleeves. I think my days of short sleeve running are done until 2009.


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