The Perfect Day

What a difference that changing time zones makes...I tried to sleep in this morning, but was wide awake by 5am. I got in a great run this morning, 3.5 miles in perfect weather (upper 50s). Then I even had time to relax before heading to my coaches meeting.

The common theme of today was food, not surprising for me. I met Heidi, an old coworker who decided to leave Minnesota nearly 2 years ago and in that time has become a runner. She will be running her first half marathon tomorrow. We met for lunch, outside of course since Riley was with. I somehow became the tour guide even though she lives here, we did a little shopping and I passed along some tips for the race. And I discovered Peanut Butter Whoppers on a quick stop at the store, yum!

Heidi and Riley at the Nike Marathon Wall

This evening was an overwhelming and amazingly inspirational event for the team. There are 5,000 TNT runners and almost 8,000 people attending the pasta party tonight. What an event! Once again John Bingham spoke and so did Joan Benoit Samuelson, the first women to win Olympic gold in the marathon.

What a nice day focusing on not only food, but the purpose of the weekend!


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