Race Day- Nike Marathhon

Early wake up to meet my team at 5:30 for some last minute words of advice and encouragement and a team picture and then they were headed to the start.

I headed back to my room and had the great debate trying to decide between shorts and pants, I eventually chose shorts and started my 2 mile run to meet the team at mile 6, which turned out to be mile 4. was able to see a lot of the team at this point and run with them up the first big hill of the course. It was great to hear that they felt great on the hill, all that hill training has paid off ;)

After hitting mile 8, I cut across to meet at mile 11 and tried to be there for Nancy so she was guaranteed to see the bison.

After this point I continued on the mile 16 and cur across to the end to run with my first runner as she was about to finish. After that I headed back and ran to last hill more times then I need to remember. I saw most of my runners at least once during the race and am happy to say they all finished!

Then it was on to the Victory Party and some relaxation...


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