TCM 2008

I starting coaching for TNT in May and the first marathon that my team was running was TCM. There were 48 runners on the team, many of whom had never run before and were a little nervous about running. Their first run of 3 miles back in May was a huge accomplishment and now they were ready for the marathon. This past weekend proved to be busy.

Friday, I met Matt after work at the expo to pick up our packets. I ran into 3 of my relay teammates, along with many of my TNT team members. It was kind of fun to be somewhere and keep hearing my name, I felt very popular. Then we decided to grab some dinner before driving home and ran into Matt's friend Carl and his fiancee so we had dinner with them.

Saturday was the team pasta party and you could feel the nervous excitement in the room. We listened to both of our honored teammates speak and then it was my turn. I am not a public speaker and was told to talk for 10 minutes on last minute marathon advice, yikes. I think I did about 5.

TNT Team Members at the pasta party, hard to recoginize not looking like runners.

TNT Team at the Metrodome on Race morning

Sunday morning met the team early for pictures and wished them all luck before I headed towards the end of the course. I got to the finish in time to see my dad finish the 10 miler, in 1:56 and the rain to start. I spent a short time in the post-race tent to warm up and then ran back about 4 miles to start meeting my runners. Wow, do you get strange looks wearing a race bib and going the wrong way on a course. I even had a couple of guys stop and talk with me about why I was going the wrong way. I met up with a friend in time to see the elite men pass, it is amazing to see how effortless they make it look.

By the time I got to the spot to meet the runners I was soaked and shivering. I had to wait about 30 minutes for my first person, but since I was so cold it felt great to start moving again, I was even able to pace her in 9 minutes under her goal! I then spent the rest of the morning running back and forth from about mile 24 to 26, I think the spectators started to recognize me. It was great to see my runners doing so well and help motivate those who needed a little extra at the end.

I did make the mistake of stepping off the course next to a course marshall who wanted to get me medical help because she thought I was injured. I saw Matt at mile 25.5 on pace to run a sub 4! He ran a 1 hour PR and finished in 3:58:xx

The best story was Andy, one of my runners who was a beginner and worked hard and kept at it all season. At mile 23 he fell behind the sweeper bus but refused to stop, so he got off the course and keep going on the sidewalk. 30 minutes after they closed the course, he and an older man carrying an American flag crossed the finish line! There was a group of our team waiting for him and we had a finishers medal for him. He was so excited that he got the medal, he did the marathon, he deserved it!

Myself & Phil with Andy after he finished his first marathon

I think I ended up running about 19 miles within a 3 mile section of the TCM course. I had a great time minus the rain and can't wait to support more of my runners in San Fran in 2 weeks.


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