Finally in San Francisco

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, this was my first day to sleep in for over 1 month. And to make it even better I got to be lazy and even had time for a morning workout.

Anyone who has ever attempted to travel with me knows that things never go as planned. This was exactly the case today, 1 hour before I was to be at the airport I found out the flight was delayed. Ultimately it was delayed over 1 hour. We finally arrived in San Francisco to beautiful weather, warm and sunny!

I took some of the team out for a 3 mile run that took us along the bay, it was great to be running in the sun and wearing shorts again. Although it was time when everyone was leaving work, so we did a lot of people dodging during the run.

Next was a quick run through the expo and a look at the Nike wall where all the runners names are listed....

Each evening our hotel has a wine reception in the evening, which a few of us decided to take advantage of before heading out for a hilly walk to get some great pizza. FInally back to the hotel and relaxing...


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