28 weeks

It has almost been like I hit the 3rd trimester and I started feeling even better. The past week I did my longest run (8.5 miles) in probably over a month along with a couple other 6 milers. I'm still sticking with the every other day running to prevent any further pain with my pubic symphysis and cross training on the elliptical and lifting weights on my non-running days.

Baby has also been increasing active the past week, flipping and kicking around, almost like she is doing her own runs when I try to relax. Tomorrow I have my 28 week appointment and glucose test, not really looking forward to drinking that stuff. Although I do have a sweet tooth so maybe it won't be so bad. I wonder if I could just eat a bag of candy corn for the test instead?

After a rainy 6 mile run...

Morgan giving baby a kiss


  1. How cute are you!! I cannot wait to see you and baby on Wednesday


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