The ideas that come while running

Quite awhile ago I posted about my thoughts to do an Ironman (possibly 2010 in Madison) after a run with some friends who had either just finished IM Madison or were heading to do IM Florida. I still have that goal in the very back of my mind, but after my sprint tri failure a year ago the plan had been put on hold.

Last Sunday Matt ran his 4th marathon and 1st where I wasn't running, being a marathon spectator is difficult for someone who is used to running them. It was fun to see so many people I knew running and cheer them on, but sitting and waiting was tough. Even though I wasn't running I was irritated by the woman next to us at the 6 mile mark telling the runners they were "almost there", uh yeah if you consider 20 more miles almost there! To make it even worse she was trying to talk to us about how she was a runner and had run TCM 15 years ago, I wonder if she forgot how long a marathon was.

The last couple months of Matt's training weren't the best, so he figured he'd just take it easy and then get back to training for Las Vegas and make that his goal race. He ran a smart race and finished in 4:19, not a PR but better then last Spring.

During the race I noticed a lot of people running in Ironman shirts, jerseys, hats, etc. Afterwards Matt mentioned the amount of IM clothing and IM tattoos he saw on the course and that he was thinking of doing an Ironman. Wow, big step from the sprint tris of this summer. Nothing is official yet, but it looks like we'll make the drive to Madison next September so Matt can register for 2011. I probably won't be in line with him, but who knows if I spend enough time in the pool this winter and actually register for another tri I might give it more thought.

A couple pictures from the course on Sunday...


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