Pubic Symphysis Diastasis

That's the verdict from my ob! A fancy way of saying my pubic symphysis is separating ahead of schedule due to the wonderful pregnancy hormones. So unfortunately once again I was correct with the self-diagnosis, pretty good considering I wasn't interested in OB in school and didn't retain much information.

Luckily my ob is very understanding to the runner mentality and I have been okay'd to continue to run if I don't have pain. I took 3 days off and managed an easy pain free 7 miles this morning, so I think the key will be to take more days off, maybe get in more swimming. I also tried a support belt which helped but rolled and bunched so I really need to find a better one. I hope to be able to continue with running 3 days a week and cross training the rest, for my sanity (and Matt's) I really hope to continue running until the icy roads force me inside or better yet until the day I go into labor.


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